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  1. 01 Is the Mackee formula applied to pallets?

    The Mackee formula applies to the isolated box. As for pallets, there are correction factors that depend on the box being stacked in columns or being tied together. In the latter case, the box may lose up to 50% of its strength. A “Z” shaped separator accessory can be the solution.

  2. 02 What is the influence of printing in relation to Cobb?

    1. Highly absorbent papers are not adequate for sophisticated printing;
    2. Papers with absorption below 30 and over 20 require special inks;
    3. When coatings are applied to reduce absorption and the printing is done over the coating, the ink tends to eliminate the waterproofing effect in the printed area. 

  3. 03 What is the tolerance to weight variations of the corrugated cardboard?

    There is no official definition. The corrugated cardboard manufacturer can meet approximately 5% of the specified weight. Smaller variations would require a previous agreement between the manufacturer and the user.

  4. 04 What is the validity period of the corrugated boxes?

    It is not possible to refer to the “validity” of a package with the content already inside, without knowing a wide range of factors that interact with each other:\

    - Time of storage, condition, whether ventilated or sheltered from sunlight;
    - Relative humidity;
    - Type of stacking;
    - Type of pallet;
    - Load over the lower ballast box of the first pallet;
    - Type of internal accessory in the box if any;
    - Content self-supported or not.

  5. 05 About the loss of strength of the corrugated cardboard.

    IN RELATION TO TIME - It is indeed quite significant. The loss is more significant in the first month, during which it may lose approximately 40% of its strength, for instance.

    IN RELATION TO HUMIDITY - At 60% relative humidity (RH), the box loses approximately 10% of strength; at 80%, it loses approximately 32%. The standardized condition for tests is 50% RH and temperature of 23°C. In this standardized condition, the box has 100% strength. Generally the test is performed with an empty box.

    IN RELATION TO HANDLING - It is a user control factor that can result in significant losses. One thing is to move a unitized load, that is, palletized; another thing is to move one box at a time. In normal conditions, the loss can reach 10%. In very severe conditions, however, (multiple loading and unloading or non-palletized transport) it can reach 40%.

    IN RELATION TO CONSTRUCTIVE FACTORS - The package is designed after the conditions in which the box will be used are surveyed and known. What is said above is taken into consideration. Safety factors apply. If the box is to be stored in conditions of high humidity, refrigerated chambers for fruits, for example, the cardboard even receives a waterproofing treatment to reduce the possibility of absorption and a waterproof glue is used to keep the elements that form the corrugated cardboard united.